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I spent the weekend hanging out with several creators over at DigiCon and after reading this story, many of us agreed that it would be a nice gesture to send the poor fellow some Superman drawings to ease the loss of his own collection. It sounded like a lot of fun and then I realized something…

I hadn’t really drawn superheroes in years. Like, at all. After deciding to do this digitally, I spent almost an entire morning working on revision after revision before settling on the pose you see here. Then I started to ink the drawing. An hour later, I had less than 1/4 of it inked. I printed out what I had, taped the printed sheet to the back of a piece of bristol, and re-drew everything in less than 90 minutes. Then I tossed it in Photoshop and gave it a quick once-over of color and called it a day. Overall, it was a fun little experiment, one that reminded me to brush up on some of my superhero drawing skills before they’re gone completely.