© 2012 rocketpig Emma Frost, the White Queen

Emma Frost

I usually don’t draw stuff this… cheesecake-y.

But recently, I’ve been fighting through issues with drawing anatomy, particularly female anatomy. I’ve been pouring through books and reference photos and decided that instead of filling up a few pages of a sketchbook with junk sketches, I could try to use this time to draw some things I normally don’t draw… Namely, half-naked women and that sort of thing.

Who better to draw in a situation like this than the original X-Tramp herself, Emma Frost? Emma is a great character and one of the most popular pin-up characters in comics. As per my usual, I toned down breast size and tried to actually draw the corset as it would fit a human being as opposed to a rail-thin woman with two cantaloupes strapped to her chest.

Overall, I think it works okay. I have a few issues with the piece but this is meant to be more of a learning process than a perfect drawing. Expect to see more anatomy studies like this in the near future. I’m going to spend at least a week working through some of the problems I’ve been having lately. Next up, I’m itching to draw Phoenix…

Emma Frost, the White Queen