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Kitty & Lockheed

I was flipping through Tumblr this morning and came across a conversation about ink washes. I realized that despite my many years of inking, I hadn’t tried to paint an ink wash drawing in almost 20 years. So, I decided I was due. I rushed to the art store, bought a few more supplies that are kind of redundant and could have been filled by other things I already own (need more stuff!), and came back home to start. I did a quick ten minute Batman wash and after thoroughly disgusting myself with it, decided it was time to try something more complex. I rarely draw characters that aren’t my own anymore and I’ve always had a soft spot for Kitty Pryde and her pet dragon, Lockheed. So I penciled this piece, scanned it to make sure I could go back and digitally ink it should I completely fail at painting an adequate wash, and then started into the wash. I was surprised at how quickly brushwork came back to me and while I definitely need some more practice, I’m happy with how this turned out.

And as usual with this kind of work, it looks a lot better in hand than it does on screen. Oh well.