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The Doctor, Amy, and Rory

Doctor Who is all the rage nowadays so I thought I’d take the time to give the latest trio a whirl. I’m playing around with different styles to find a few that I can rotate in and out of using whenever needed and this was a good opportunity to try a more cartoonish version of the regular comic book style I so often use in drawings of this sort. I like a lot of what is happening here but there’s definitely room for improvement, particularly in the mens’ faces. This piece also gave me the opportunity to use markers for coloring, a skill I still need to practice a lot before I will consider myself “good”. I’m building a portfolio for the upcoming con season so the more pieces I have in different styles, the better I’ll be able to sell commission work. So, expect to see more of these popping up before Memorial Day (roughly the weekend of my first convention).

I couldn’t resist putting a word bubble above Amy’s head because, frankly, she’s the most useless companion since the series restarted in 2005. She’s adorable but lacks the personality of Rose, the ass-kickingness (and smarts) of Martha, and the morality of Donna. She’s kind of a ditzy, empty vessel to up the show’s cute factor.

This was done on 9×12″ bristol board using Copic Multiliner inking pens and Copic/Prismacolor markers for color.