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Black Widow, Mister Miracle, and Gambit

Well, I said I’d have more art ready in the coming week. Turns out, I had more art ready 36 hours after that last post. I’ve been cranking out drawings over the past few days and given my satisfaction with how most of them have turned out, I may move up my schedule and start production on the comic by mid-week. I wanted to crank out several of these one-off images for a few reasons: first, it’s great practice. Even though I’m not drawing my upcoming comic in a traditional “superhero” style, superheroes make for great anatomy study because of their tight costumes and ridiculous bodies. Second, when I’m done with this “practice”, I’m going to go into full-blown production mode for the next few months. That means I won’t be drawing any con-related drawings to prepare for the summer convention season. May as well get them out of the way now and be done with it. If I find time to draw a few more in the next couple of months, good on me.

So, here you go. A Black Widow (somewhat in the vein of the Scarlett Johannson with huge curly hair), a Gambit (never been much of a fan of the Cajun creepster but his coat makes for a great fabric study), and Mister Miracle, a mostly ignored character in the DCU and a personal favorite of mine for years (mostly due to his ridiculously-colored costume). Hopefully I’ll have a new set of these ready for mid-week. Stay tuned.

Gambit from X-MenMister MiracleBlack Widow from The Avengers