Dystopian government logo

This is a little project I helped my girlfriend complete a week or two ago. It’s a logo for a company, government, or organization from a dystopian future and the slogan says it all. Originally, I went with a logo made from links of chain but she thought that looked too authoritarian and oppressive so we came up with this using a hexagonal bolt head look with three S’s stemming from the middle. I enjoy projects like this and really wish I had more time to complete extra stuff on the side.

A lot can be learned from Jules Verne

Here’s a goofy little design I did a few weeks back and it amused me enough where it may be polished a bit and turned into a t-shirt down the road. I occasionally design shirts for myself but I’ve never taken a real stab at designing them for the public… there’s just too much competition in the market and I like having my own one-off shirts that no one else is wearing. Right now, the design is too horizontal for a shirt and the script too small. Those are simple changes that can be made in a few minutes, though. Before it was printed, I’d probably modify the look quite a bit and age the design to rough it up.

Just something I thought would be fun to post up since I don’t post often on this site anymore.

House warming invite

Lately, I haven’t had many opportunities to draw things that weren’t related to my ongoing comic in any way but my girlfriend needed an invitation to a house-warming party she’s throwing so I put this together last night for her. It was a fun departure from drawing the same characters and scenes and overall, I like it.

As with some other work I’ve been doing lately, I did this completely digitally. There are advantages to digital work, such as “fix that mouth” or “her hand is in the wrong position”. It’s a very fluid method of working and while I’m not ready to hang up the bristol and quills quite yet, the more I acclimate myself to a digital environment, the more it appeals to me. This took me a little over an hour to do and while that’s markedly slower than working with a pen and paper, I’m still getting used to the tablet and with practice, I think digital drawing would be slightly faster than working with traditional materials. It’s one of the reasons why the strip I’m working on is completely digital. If it goes well, Variables may move to an entirely digital platform as well. We’ll see.

Indoor scene

Here are the inks for one of the latest pages of Variables, a comic I’m hosting over at SelfCentEnt.com. It’s the second page of a brief scene, introducing two characters from Atlanta, Georgia. As usual, pencils and inks are done on 11×17 bristol board and colors will be added digitally.

People… talking.

Yeah. Here’s a page of people doing a whole lot of talking. At one point, Blake raises his arms excitedly while narrating past events. On the Exciteometer©, the events of this page are barely registering. Still, it’s an important part of storytelling and there are some panels that point out serious flaws in my rendering abilities… namely the foreshortening areas. I really need to work on that before attempting it again. This page ended up looking quite a bit differently than I originally anticipated because some panels just. did. not. work.

New colored page

Here is a sneak peek at the new page for SelfCentEnt… It’s the first color page for the new book and it feels great to see actual, tangible progress on the series after I (re)started this project in August. Anyway, enjoy!

Page 3

Here’s page three of the short story and I continue to blow through warm colors left and right on these pages. I’m trying to make each page lighter than the last, which has put me in quite the conundrum unless I’m planning to make the entirety of page four white with a splash of canary yellow.


In an attempt to get ahead of things a bit, I finished up another short story page so I can get back to working on the main book this weekend. With the launch just a few weeks off, I have loads of work to do to get enough content finished for the release of the main book. If possible, I’d also love to get a one page buffer so that if I get behind (an inevitability knowing me), I won’t panic and try to rush out a subpar page.

Haven’t posted in awhile

I’ve been buried in work for about a month now, having worked up a short story and starting the first few pages of the upcoming book at SelfCentEnt.com. That means that I’ve been neglected the ol’ Rocketpig site for awhile. Well, here’s the latest short story page and stuff.

Short story, page two

Here’s the second short story page sans lettering. I think it looks nicer than the first page and I particularly like the third panel, which I thought would be the most boring on the page but turned out surprisingly well. If you’re interested in checking out the actual comic and site, click through here.