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Gwen & Peter

This is my favorite piece in quite some time. With the new Amazing Spider-Man movie coming this summer, Gwen Stacy is going to be all the rage in the Spidey community. Gwen was killed in the comic book some time in the early 70s, I think. I didn’t know much about her until I was older and read some of the Spidey trade paperbacks that featured her death at the hands of the Green Goblin. Unlike the contemporary Mary Jane Watson, Gwen fascinated me because of her classic ties to Spidey, her always great 60s and 70s fashions (and hair), and because she died and never came back. That just doesn’t happen in comic books anymore and I think it’s been so long that any modern Spidey creator is too terrified to try to bring back such an iconic character.

But I’m sure the movie will change all of that as younger readers are exposed to the not-yet-trampled-to-death character of Gwen. This was done on 9×12″ bristol with Copic Multiliner markers and then colored (and aged) digitally. I may even like this one well enough to make it into a print.