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Hey, look! A superhero!

But this one is of my own creation. Convention season is coming and I’m going to spend a good portion of the summer promoting my comic, Variables (along with promoting my art in general). One of the steps of that process is creating promotional materials and, more specifically in this case, banners for my booth/table. The guy you see here is one of the main characters of the Variables universe, but… he has yet to appear. If I want to use this banner for more than one summer, he should really be on the banner. The only drawings I had of the character were not of high enough quality to put on a banner so I spent a day putting this together. It’s a simple portrait and took me five-ish hours to finish. I drew it large (I’m starting to really enjoy the leeway of working on a huge piece of bristol with a brush), brushed most of the inks, and then colored it in teh Photoshops. I’m very happy with the results.