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More sketch cards

I was able to find pens more suitable to inking on cards and the improvement was rather drastic. Lesson learned. Don’t try to draw with a Sharpie.

These are more what I was thinking of when I decided to start putting together a collection of sketch cards. I still have a lot of room to grow as I get better at drawing mainstream superhero characters but these are a pretty good start. I’m particularly happy with the Deadpool card, which does a good job of catching the personality of the character in just a facial expression (under a mask, no less).

I inked two more of these last night and while I’m going to keep drawing them when I get the free time, I’m done spending entire days putting together a half-dozen at a time. Time to move on to a new project, which I think will be a quite large compilation of various women from sci-fi and comics (Princess Leia, Starbuck, Wonder Woman, Samus Aran, etc.). Look for it sometime next week.