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Sci-Fi Girls Playing Cards

Every July in Minneapolis, there is a sci-fi convention called CONvergence. I’ve attended the past two years (my girlfriend and her friends run one of the main rooms) and this year, I saw that they wanted drawings of sci-fi based stuff for their souvenir book. It kinda fit perfectly with my goals of getting better at drawing mainstream licensed characters so I decided to give it a whirl. A couple of weekends and about 15 hours later, this was the result of my efforts. It’s pencils then full inks (like I use for my comic book) and then an ink wash over that. There are flaws here and there (a few pretty big ones like WW’s monstrous head) but overall, I’m pleased with it. It was a fun experiment to try but I’m glad it’s over and I’ll probably stick to smaller scale projects for awhile. This one took a lot out of me.

In case you can’t figure it out, these are the characters from left to right: Princess Leia from A New Hope, Samus Aran in her Zero Suit from Metroid, Connie From CONvergence, Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls, Wonder Woman from You Should Really Know Wonder Woman When You See Her, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, and Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica.